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So... What's in it for you?

iCompLii is built specifically for individuals and organisations
operating in regulated sectors.

We know the sort of difficulties that can occur in these industries (we've been there too) and that's why we've built iCompLii, the one place for keeping all your documents on hand, ready to go and 100% verified!

Easy Access

A simple and secure platform that you can access online or through the iCompLii App.

Instant Onboarding

We verify all your documents for you, meaning businesses can hire you right away. Just like that.

No Lockouts

Don't get caught out. We will notify you when your documents are about to expire.

You need a system you can trust.
That's why we're here.

iCompLii allows you to access and manage all your personal and work related documents in a safe and secure platform. No hassles. No worries.

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The iCompLii App allows you to have access to all your documents in one place, wherever you go.

"I was browsing the web one day and found iCompLii. Only made a profile about a week ago and was called for work. I’m really happy with the outcomes and would highly recommend iCompLii. It’s easy to use and was fast to respond to me with any questions that I had."

- Gregory Blake, Mechanical Fitter


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How does it work?

Register for a iCompLii business account and free up your admin time with a simple and easy to use management platform.

Get real-time updates about your employees' license validity, qualifications, induction tickets, and criminal history to stay 100% compliant.

With a huge database of candidates, you can be sure that you'll be able to find the candidates that you are looking for.


What is an iCompLii Business account?

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Why not? It's free.

Individual miiFile profiles are free of charge, all you need to do is register at miiFile and start adding your work details.

Showcase your work experience with validated certificates and qualifications.

Ensure your licences and tickets are valid and up to date.

"Connecting organisations and individuals."

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