iCompLii is SaaS cloud-based platform that enables workers and businesses within sectors of high regulation to connect for the purpose of instant onboarding, record management and is self-auditing.

This is achieved through:
  1. Creating and managing verified individuals’ work profiles including compliance certificates, qualifications, licenses, medical records and identifications.

  2. Allowing businesses to instantly connect with staff and candidates.

  3. Enabling employers to hire pre-qualified candidates and instantly on-board.

  4. Equipping workers and contractors to have remote instant access to their required documentation in order to prevent site lockouts.

  5. Compliance officers and contractors are able to instantly access the status of their workforce,including unplanned compliance issues.

  6. A completely free service for the individual user with premium options planned, including priority and concierge on-boarding.

iCompLii’s competitive advantage lies in the verified data it collects, manages and utilises. The focus on individual privacy and data security means that potential risks such as identity theft and fraud are always countered through infrastructure and processes.

iCompLii stays dedicated to ensuring the personal data of its clients is not compromised. Moving forward, this will make iCompLii commercially viable and a trusted, transparent information management service.

iCompLii aims to be the ‘go to’ compliance and recruitment service with appeal across a multitude of industries including resources, civil, construction, transport, aviation, health care, aged care, education and defence.

Equipment and facilities compliance is currently being added to the platform, in which compliance officers, contractors and other stakeholders will be able to instantly track the status of their equipment’s history and compliance.