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Compliance Management and Recruitment

What is iCompLii?

For workers and professionals in:

  • Mining
  • Resources
  • Civil
  • Construction
  • Transport

iComplii is a cloud-based compliance solution that simply and efficiently removes your compliance risk.

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The benefits of iCompLii for
Compliance Management and Recruitment

Targeted Recruitment

With a database of tens of thousands of prospective employees who have verified qualifications, certifications, and expertise, iCompLii takes the legwork out of screening and validating candidates and applications. you can search for staff by qualification, site induction, pick-up location, or even screen for prospects who have researched your company.

Instant Onboarding

iComplii removes the administration of onboarding. At a glance you will know if a fresh new employee has all of the required certificates, inductions and qualifications for your processes.

Self Auditing

iCompLii becomes your central database. With our built-in reports generator you can rest assured that your systems are self-audited and up to date using a central and easy-to-use platform. iCompLii self-auditing eliminates nasty surprise lock outs just because you missed an expiry date.

HR & Recruitment Solutions in the Cloud

Work from site, the office, or home. iCompLii is your online Human Resources Management system that provides you with the ultimate flexibility and cost effectiveness!

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Online Compliance Management

Validated certificates, qualifications, and inductions, work history, emergency contacts, and proof of identity means that your compliance is cheaper and easier to manage.

Online Workforce Scheduling (Coming Soon)

iCompLii allows you to monitor and manage your workforce remotely and easily. Fatigue and excess hours management becomes a breeze when you use iCompLii.


We are committed to protecting your personal privacy. That’s why we use world-class hosting infrastructure and use finance industry-standard encryption. With constant monitoring tools running in the background that help block any unlikely hacking attempts, you can be rest assured that your privacy is safe with us.