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What is iCompLii?

For workers and professionals in:

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iComplii is a cloud-based compliance solution that simply and efficiently removes your compliance risk.

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The benefits of iCompLii for
Individuals, Jobseekers and Employees

You are easier to hire

An iCompLii profile will enable you to showcase your work experience with validated certificates and qualifications, allowing prospective employers to hire with confidence. Having an updated profile also means you will be able to apply for prospective jobs in an instant.

Instant Onboarding

Because your profile is validated, prospective employers spend less time hiring iCompLii users. This allows you to go through the recruitment process and get onto site faster. You also have the chance to connect with future colleagues and projects, giving you the opportunity to hit the ground running in your new role.

You are Connected

From the comfort of your phone at crib or your desktop at home, you can connect with co-workers, contractors, Hr professionals, and prospective bosses. iCompLii enables you to make professional connections with those in the know and those who are hiring. If you are a supervisor, having an iCompLii profile means that you can keep a full list of your preferred hires with you at any time and any place.

You are up to date

You, your employer, and the training organisations that you study with will be able to update your iCompLii profile as you progress through any further training and/or inductions. This means that your experience and expertise is constantly updating directly to your iCompLii profile.

You are Protected

With full control over what certifications you choose to display and your work history, your iCompLii profile will always be 100% controlled by you. Your full profile is not public. You chose who gets to see what.

You are Certified

iCompLii can verify your certifications and qualifications independently, providing you with the ability to guarantee your expertise for potential employers.